Is my privacy gone?

You’re searching on google, looking for some nice clothes or you are looking for a documentary for a blog like this to write about. What if you’re not the only one who knows what you are doing right now on the internet? What if someone in the United States is watching what you are doing? Or even, what if he can find everything what you are doing right now on the computer in a big database? Would you be angry? I know I would and I am! Because it is happening right now. The NSA is watching you, me and everybody with a computer, laptop, tablet or telephone. How did we find out? Well because of Edward Snowden. This man started leaking information and it was not just information, no it was top secret classified information. The leaked documents are about how the NSA got access to private information in big databases from everybody over the whole world. With a programme called ‘PRISM’ they have access to this private information. Edward Snowden worked for the NSA. That’s why he knows how it works and that’s why we know now how it works too. How is it possible that we, innocent people, are the victims of this? The most of us don’t do anything wrong on the web. We just go to our facebook page or we are playing games for a couple of hours, so what? Is that the reason that someone out there has the right to have all of our private information? No, it’s unacceptable and we need to do something about it. If we don’t, the NSA won’t stop with what they are doing and our privacy will dissapear. I mean it’s sad if a database knows more about you and your life than your own family, right?

Edward Snowden is our hero for letting us know that there is something wrong going on out there. He gave up a lot of freedom for this and I think we need to be thankful for that. nsa

If you want to watch the documentary click below.


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