Fighting against my handicap

What if you are disabled for the rest of your life? And you are so depressed that you want to give up on your life? This is not my story but the story of Henry Evans.

For my blog I have been looking for an interesting documentary and I found this: ‘’Henry Evans and Chad Jenkins: Meet the robots for humanity’’. Why did I choose this subject? Well, the First thing that inspired me in this documentary was the connection between humans and robots. In the short movie you met a man who talks about his handicap. The man was 40 years old when he had a stroke.  It changed his whole life because Henry became handicapped for the rest of his life. After the stroke he could barely talk, he can’t walk and he is laying in his bed the whole day.henry evans

Henry had to deal with a very big problem until the ‘robot’ came. This robot, which was created by the group ‘Robots for humanities’, is life changing for Henry Evans. With this robot he still can’t walk, jump or do whatever he wants to do. He still has to lay in bed all day, but the robot can do all this things for him. He can drive the robot to his garden and take a look at the plants or he can shave the beard of his friend in California (Which is very funny, you can watch it in the documentary below this blog). What is really important in this documentary is if you’re handicapped or become handicapped, your life isn’t over. You can still live your life, but in a different way. The robot can help you and you can still enjoy things in life. I think it is, no matter what, hard to deal with the fact that your life has completely changed in one second and there is nothing you can do about it. In my case, I would cry and give up and Henry Evans was in the same position. But he didn’t give up. He fought and is still fighting to live. That is fantastic, isn’t it? It is so amazing that someone who is so handicapped still does everything to live his life as good as he can. If you are inspired too, than watch the documentary below and you will be amazed.


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